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Everything else ... about studying

Many general questions about studying are answered on the websithe of the International Office of HU Berlin.


Leisure and living

The city of Berlin offers incredible opportunities to do something. To get to know people, the following facilities could be a suitable starting point. Have fun discovering!


  • International Club "Orbis Humboldtianus"

The international club "Orbis Humboltianus" offers a variety of opportunities to engage in their free time, to meet new people and to improve their own language skills on language tandems. It's best to subscribe to the newsletter right now, so you will not miss anything!


  • Student body Initiatives

For students in the field of musicology or media studies it is absolutely worthwhile to register for the Moodle course of the Fachschaftsrat (= FSR). The enrollemnt is done via Moodle or via the course search simply "Fachschaft des Institutes für Musik- und Medienwissenschaften". It is necessary to register in advance via the own HU-student-account on the Moodle-Webiste. A registration key or password for the course itself is not needed.

Similarly, there are also student councils in the field of archeology, both for the degree program "Classical Archeology" as well as "Archeology and Cultural History of Northeast Africa" ​​(= AKNOA). The student council looks forward to your visit, offers many great offers and excursions and is always available for questions. Just visit their website!


  • Housing

Help with finding accommodation, for example in a student residence, and current offers are under the keyword housing on the website of the International Office.

When looking for a suitable room in a shared apartment, the website WG-gesuch can be helpful.